Free at Last!!

I awoke on my fifth day

With as uneasy feeling, like my progress had kind of stalled. I really, really wanted to leave, but I had had a steady CSF fluid drip for the last few days. My surgeon said if it continued to leak on Friday they would have to do a lumbar drain. I had been cut into a couple of times already, and I wasn’t looking forward to a third incision. I dreaded him coming in that morning.

The moment of truth had arrived

My surgeon came to see me around ten o’clock and asked how I was doing. “Pretty good”, I said. All the while thinking, “Ok, let’s get this over with”. I really was thinking the worst. I had tried to stay positive during this whole experience, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. I had relinquished all control, that is what the dreams the night before meant. Now my day and possibly the weekend or longer hung on one thing, that damn CSF leak.

He asked me to sit up and lean forward, allowing any liquid in my nose to flow freely. I sat there quietly waiting for it to happen. Several minutes went by, but to my surprise nothing came out. I could not believe it. I had finally passed my final test for release!! He said he was happy that I showed no further sign of a CSF leak and would be released sometime in the afternoon. I. Was. Ecstatic.

Free at Last

Progress, progress, progress

My mom came by shortly afterward and I gave her the good news. She was really happy for me, happy that I was making good progress. And so at just passed two o’clock in afternoon, I gathered all my things and was wheeled out of the hospital. I sat there for some time while my mom went to get the car. There were a lot of people in similar situations as me all around. I wondered to myself what ailments the people around me had. Some of them must have had it worse than me. I felt fortunate to be leaving. Leaving, and hopefully never returning. Free at last.

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